LED Street Light

LED Street Light in Shenzhen

Kingsun LED Street Light Project in Shenzhen in July 2011

In order to welcome the 26th universiade, Shenzhen government decided to retrofit all the luminaires on highway and main roads. Kingsun, as the leading enterprise in LED street lighting, got this bid and accomplished the 120km long LED lighting project recently. It’s reported to be the longest and also the most strictly required highway LED lighting project ever in China.

Almost 10,000pcs of LED street lights and tunnel lights are applied to this project, making it the first large-scale LED street light application project on highway in China. A large amount of substantial electricity and money will be saved with the feature of energy-saving, which will lighten financial pressure for government and create better economic and also environmental benefits.

The LED Street Lights using in this LED Street Light Retrofit Light Project:

Kingsun LED Street Light RL2R2126 cost 277 W and create 23545 lm light,Please go to LED Street Light for more detailed information for this product.

LED Street Light Project

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