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Kingsun LED Street Light Project in the Russia at March 2009.

Kingsun LED Street Light Project in the Russia at March 2009.

Kingsun customer in Russia installs Kingsun LED street light at the end of Dec. 2009 in kaluga town!Tow models in different quantity were chosen for this testing which will be evaluated for 3-month period before the mass installation proceed.

Every singel lamp has to go though a series of strict tests before delivery including 96 hours aging test and 4 hours underwater test and ambient tests.Conisdering the extreme cold climate in Russia, the low temperature test is being conducted at -40℃ the product pass the test smoothly.The high temperature test is tested 60℃.

"It's impressive to see the lamps going through such severe tests!" "I think the quality of lighting went beyond our expectations. What is most impressive is the uniformity and large area of lighting. And the light itself is very soft and pleasant!"coustomer commentecd their best priza on the light quality and performance.

It's much more impressive when comparing our LED lamps with the HPS,customer commented that"On the photo is seen very vividly the difference between LED lighting and traditional HPS lamps." CRI of Kingsun LED light is more than 75,the HPS is around 23,that's the reason make it big differences.

All in all,customer is satisfy with the quality and performance of Kingsun product,they are confidence in future cooperation, "I would like to order more to change the street light in village in January-February." customer is printing their catalogues with our products,and they would like to launch a large scale marketing activity in Russia market.

The LED Street Lights using in this High Power LED Street Light Retrofit Light Project:

Kingsun LED Street Light KS-E056TX cost 56 W and can create 5040 lm light, if you want more information about this product, please LED Street Light

LED Street Light ProjectLED Street Light ProjectLED Street Light Project

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