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Kingsun LED Street Light Project in New Zealand at Aug, 2009.

Kingsun LED Street Light Project in New Zealand at Aug, 2009.

In August 2009, one of our customers from New Zealand achieve a pilot LED street lighting project in a roads intersection area in the city Christchurch). Before the replacement, 150watts HPS lamps were considered to be used to illuminate this intersection area. The mounting height is 11 meters, the pole spacing is 30 meters, and the road width is about 15 meters.

Before installation we requested to the customer that they needed to provide us with the road plan with the pole spacing and road width specified, also we were told what light level in New Zealand road lighting standard we need to comply with, we therefore asked our lighting design team to do illuminance and luminance simulation calculation showing the customer and the end user what light distribution our LED street lights will create and why this street lighting configuration meet their road lighting standard. After installation, the end user test the illuminance using their lux meter and test the power conservation and they are very much satisfactory. After this pilot project, the partner customer has an outdoor showroom to show the light they are promoting and just let the product talk to the end user and get the business go further easier and easier, because that’ll be the first time for the end users to experience this new generation street lighting, what can convince them is not only the theory why LED street lighting really works well, but also the fact that the end users trust mainly.

Oceania is a continent well known as a better place for living because of the current perfect environment and environmentally friendly people and their ideas for environment protection and national laws for environment protection. As a result, we believe our LED street lights and other outdoor lighting products will help a lot with this continent and make it greener and greener.

The LED Street Lights using in this High Power LED Street Light Retrofit Light Project:

Kingsun LED Street Light KS-A098TX cost 98 W and can create 8820 lm light, if you want more information about this product, please LED Street Light

LED Street Light ProjectLED Street Light Project

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