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KINGSUN LED Street Light Project on Kuala Lumpur

KINGSUN LED Street Light Project on Kuala Lumpur - Karak Highway, Malaysia, in November, 2010

Kingsun has finished the first highway lighting project applied with 1,000pcs LED street lights in Karak Highway with a total length over 17km in Malaysia. Kingsun LED street light provides a perfect visual effect with good uniformity and super high brightness, which brings a great surprise to the owner MTD, other competitors and the government.

The highway has double direction, 3 lanes in each direction. Based on an accurate road simulation, we recommended KINGSUN LED street lamps KS-A168TX, installed in both sides at opposite arrangement. These LED street lights were set at a 12m mounting height and 30~40m pole spacing (Refer to Lighting Standard of CIE115: Lighting Level M1), average luminance reaching over 2cd/m2, overall uniformity up to 0.7 and longitudinal uniformity over 0.8.

LED street light is a brand new lighting solution in Malaysian highway. Its high technology and photometry performance are much better than traditional lamps, which has now been witnessed by the end users including the owners and consultants of other highways. We believe that there will be more KINGSUN LED street lights installed in highway and residential road in Malaysia in the coming years.

The LED Street Lights using in this High Power LED Street Light Retrofit Light Project:

KINGSUN LED street light KS-A168TX with a total power consumption 215W provides 15500 lumens. More information about the product, please go to LED Street Light.

LED Street Light Project

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